Sunday, June 22, 2014

Recording In Knott County

George Gibson playing Cuckoo Bird 
Hello everyone and welcome to this blog page dedicated to this field recording project! First I'd like to thank everyone who has been supporting my endeavors with Historic Records! You all have been great. I'd also like to thank Sean Geil for getting this idea in my head to do this banjo project. Looks like it's going to happen!

John Haywood playing "Hook & Line" 
 This past weekend I went on a small tour in TN and KY. One of the last stops brought me to Hazard KY. I decided to drive on to Whitesburg and meet up with John Haywood, a banjo player and artist from the area. After my show in Hazard KY, I followed John out to the farm of George Gibson's. We parked the vehicles and continued on foot through the creek and up the road a little ways, finally arriving at the cabin. Shortly thereafter George Gibson arrived. George is a great banjo historian and is one of the most knowledgable people about it's history.
  We all sat talking banjo, passing my banjo around and swapping tunes. Then a surprise guest arrived. Brett Ratliff is a musician and historian who works at the Hindman Settlement School.

 The session went very well and I was able to record all three of these fine musicians.

Songs that were played : John Haywood - Hook & Line
                                        George Gibson - Cuckoo Bird
                                        Brett Ratliff - Rose is Red

Brett Ratliff playing Rose is Red 

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